By Maya Tarachand

About the book

‘Illusion’ is an extraordinary art work, released by Gibraltar artist Maya Tarachand. It is a blend of engravings and novel written freely and spontaneously. All pages lead you into a world of metaphysics and poetry. She left her native town at the age of 19, and flew over to Morocco.

After having been thoroughly impregnated with the beauty of this country she continued on her endless journey. She settled in Brussels and finally found what she was looking for - art. For her engraving ceramics, sculpture, painting and writing became imperative.


Pic: Johnny Bugeja


Interview on GBC at 15h30 on Tuesday 4th February, 2014!!!!

Brussels News - 2008, July 7th
UN SALON D' ETE C'est un vrai salon d'été comme on en voyait beaucoup naguère. Il y a ceux qui ont exposé comme Claudine Vink ou Francis Van der Ginste, ceux qui ne sont
jamais venus comme Maya Tarachand dont la sculpture étonne et j'en passe.

Interview Radio Judaicca
29th June 2011

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